I doubt this is what the founding fathers had in mind for the United States …..236 years later the inequality of wealth is staggering. “Of the people …for the people” sounds out of touch, fiction, lost to the 99 plus percent of Americans.  Still many Americans think and believe they continue to live in and are part of the most prosperous nation in the world,  participants of the American Dream.  Well it is wake up time, reality and fact check,  before it is too late.

Today 400 Americans, that’s 400 people, 400 individuals, own more wealth than the bottom half of the American population, or 150,000,000!!! Americans…………that’s  400 individuals to 150,000,000! individuals!!! Now who said the “system” isn’t rigged?

At the same time the country is facing record poverty.  The highest growth in 6 decades.

Once the wealthiest nation per capita with the highest medium wealth per person the United States has “avalanched” downwards already bettered  by 17 nations (reference Credit Suiss report) Germany, Taiwan, Israel, Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain, Finland, Norway, Canada, France, Ireland, Switzerland, Singapore, United Kingdom at $121,853, Japan at 128,588, Italy, and on top now Australia with 221,704.  The United States medium wealth per person is  $52,752!!!

In the meantime the polarized congress only debates a politically motivated agenda which does not address the citizens  inequality and the country’s financial decline. The nation’s stagnant 8.2% unemployment is discussed as a political ball, stagnant and without constructive solutions. The inflated military budget of 700 billion per year. for the Military Machine and their lobbies becomes “patriotic” and untouchable,  Nor does Washington address the disproportionate share of the American tax bill.  While creating nothing more than dust, private wealth for the few multiplies as public services are squeezed and decline.

The founding fathers expressly feared the VENERATION OF WEALTH which has now become America’s common denominator.  Congress, public office holders, even robed judges in the highest court show their deference to the almighty CASH.  President for sale, government for sale, as congressmen, public service holders, hold out their cups to be filled with cash offering total obeisance.  GOP, Grand Old Party now means GUARDIANS OF PRIVILEGE. Democrats point to bankers as “fat cats” while dining with them at fund raisers.  Not surprising the citizens have lost their faith in Congress, 10% approval and declining!!

Is American’s democracy really only skin deep?   WAKE UP AMERICA

WAKE UP….and ACT…that’s what DEMOCRACY is suppose to be about!


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